Leather & Plastic Coating (30ml) - New Formulation


Now with improved chemical resistance and better bonding, our Leather and Plastics coating is made with softer and flexible polymers that will not harden and dry or produce an unsightly glossy finish to your leather that should naturally look matte and supple. Keep your interior in showroom condition with protection from Ultra Violet (UV) rays and stains that can otherwise discolour or age surfaces.


Key Features

• Water Repellence Contact Angle: 100° - 110°

• Chemical Resistance : <pH12 , >pH 5

• 1 Year Bonding Durability
• Repels Liquids
• UV Resistant
• Corrosion Resistant
• Chemical Resistant
• Anti-Fouling
• Low Surface Friction
• Easy Cleaning

• Fuss-Free Application
• Less Staining
• Non-Corrosive Ingredients
• Safe On All Materials
• Does Not Discolour


Product Finish


• Sleek & Smooth

• Enhances Matte Shine

• Darkens Matte Surfaces

• No Hard/Dry Leather

• No Glossy Leather

• No Streaking/Smearing

Leather & Plastic Coating

  • Leather & Plastic Coating (30ml)