Nano Graphene Coating (30ml)


Graphene is said to be a “miracle material” due to an abundance of beneficial properties.  While expensive to manufacture, there are alternative forms of it that offers identical performance like reduced graphene oxide (rGO).  The compatibility of rGO and polymer matrixes allows us to offer you a revolutionary product that is Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) based with rGO added. Combining the functionality and benefits of both PDMS and rGO unprecedented in the automotive care industry, Artdeshine’s Nano Graphene Coating provides you with a reliable and effective surface protection solution.


Combining the low thermal conductivity of PDMS and the ability of rGO to disperse heat quickly, the cooler surface reduces the effects of water etching, corrosion and harmful chemical reactions.


With polymer (PDMS) coatings already highly tensile, durable and flexible when absorbing daily wear and tear, the addition of rGO to a polymer matrix creates a composite material and reinforces these properties.


The low thermal conductivity of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and corrosion resistance of reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) will help to reduce chemical reactions of contaminants aggravated by heat and UV that can otherwise result in etching, water-spotting and staining.


A smooth surface reduces friction, thus lowering the amount of force created by abrasive actions that can otherwise cause fine-lines and scratches. This results in significantly less damage caused during washing and drying.


Key Features


• Single Layer Application

• Etching Reduction

• Rapid Heat Dispersion

• Rapid Water Dispersion

• Hydrophobic

• Corrosion Resistant

• Chemical Resistant

• Reduced Thermal Conductivity

• Enhanced Tensile Strength

• Enhanced Flexibility

• Enhanced Durability

• Self Cleaning Properties

• Anti-fouling

• Enhanced UV Resistance

• Easy Cleaning


Technical Specifications


• Water Repellence: Contact angle 110-120°

• Oil Repellence: Contact angle 85°

• Suitability: All paint types, matte plastics or trims, chrome, vinyl wraps, PPF.

• Bonding Durability: 5 years / 350 washes, normal conditions -4°F to +95°F, pH<12

• 5 years / 180 washes: extreme conditions -40°F to +104°F, pH>12

• Hydrophobic Durability: 2 years, 150 washes - pH neutral, 80 washes - pH >12

• Chemical Resistance: 13>pH>3

• Consumption: 3 ml/m2
• Coating Thickness: 0.8 – 1.0 µm

• Curing Period: Surface dry 24 hours or 4 hours heat-assisted (122°F)

• Full curing 7 days or 24hrs heat assisted (122°F)

• Shelf Life: 2 years un-opened, 6 months after opening


Product Finishing


• Wet Gloss

• Clear Reflectivity

• Extrememly Sleek

• Darkens Matte Surfaces

• Enhances Matte Shine

Nano Graphene Coating (30ml)

  • Nano Graphene Coating (30ml)






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